Audio/Slides: Election 2008

Informative and entertaining summary of the entire campaign.

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The New York Times . . .

Video: Voices from the Recession

Stories of how the economic downturn has affected ordinary people's lives in Washington DC.

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Video: The Wasington Post . . .

Video: The Country Remembers 9/11

The media are taking different angles on 9/11's 8th anniversary. For some, the edge is wearing off, and others are keeping a watchful eye on its legacy.

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Video: Newsy . . .

Chapter 3: American Ways

Choose one of the texts in the chapter to find resources and activities.

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BBC Skillswise: Writing

Norwegian America (US Embassy)


3 Listening (p. 85): Sana's Story [02:25]
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The American Way of Life [07:00]
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Arnold and the American Dream [05:30]
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What Is Success? [00:43]
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Shortcut: The Story of the Native Americans [02:08]
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The Story of the Native Americans [05:46]
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Shortcut: Panache [01:32]
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