Video: Do you speak English?

Simon Pegg and the Big Train comedy sketch team perform a funny short sketch on the life of an English speaking tourist in France.  

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Video: President Obama's back-to-school message to students

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Chapter 1: Starting a Journey

This is a warm-up chapter which gives you the chance to get to know your classmates, your teacher and the English course you will be taking this year. We hope you will enjoy your first year of upper secondary education, and we also hope that you will find our website interesting and useful. Good luck!

Choose one of the texts in the chapter to find resources and activities.

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Mad Maud's Adventures [03:30]
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The Little Red Hen [02:31]
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What's My Job? [03:09]
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English or American? (Revision Activity 1, p. 38) [02:53]
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