Video: Textiles

The programme features school students enrolled on City and Guilds courses delivering vocational qualifications in a broad range of textile-related skills.

Warwickshire College's Henley Centre is collaborating with IDC textiles, an industrial provider, to design courses for KS4 students.

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Secondary 14-19 Vocational - Textiles . . .

Video: Fashion designer selects fabric

At the fashion house of Paul Costelloe, a textile designer meets a rep from Italy and an agent from Courtaulds to discuss fabric selection. 

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Videos: Style

Huge archive of style-related videos.

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8: Tommy from Sydney, Australia

Tommy Larkin is a Sydneysider who wants a career in fashion.

Sydney Opera House. Copyright: Getty ImagesSydney Opera House. Copyright: Getty Images

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BBC Blast: Fashion

City of Sydney (official site)

Sydney (Lonely Planet)

Sydney Online (tourist information)

Sydney Opera House (official site)

Stella McCartney


Tommy's E-mail [03:38]
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Tommy Meets Ann [02:19]
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'Fashion should be about dressing, not undressing' [04:11]
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Next Step: Super Stella [04:58]
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